At FIRST ELECTRIC, our vision is to supply our customers with energy, in a consistent, effective and professional way; to be actively involved in the development of technology within our company’s fields of activities; to build solid and long-lasting relationships with our partners and suppliers while adhering to one of our most important priorities which is the respect and protection of the environment with a straight forward pricing, without ‘hidden’ charges.

Our values are tied to business ethics, integrity and transparency as well as innovation, aiming at technological progress and full satisfaction of customer expectations.

At FIRST ELECTRIC, we always challenge ourselves by setting higher goals, while ensuring, in all cases, the fulfillment of our main objectives, which are:

  • The production of clean electricity through advanced and environmentally friendly technologies
  • The provision of high quality products and services to our customers
  • The integration of innovative solutions contributing to the community’s social and economic development
  • Professional growth for our employees and associates
  • Healthy and long-term corporate development

Our philosophy is undividedly related to the fact that working in the Energy sector means being involved in something greater: working for the community; promoting economic and social progress along with quality of life, within a healthy and hospitable environment, with sufficient energy for all.